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Easels and Boxes

Table, Studio or Field Easels are a cruicial part to any artists' arsenal and choosing the right one for you is a very exciting prospect, whatever your style of drawing or painting I am sure that we can accomodate you in you Easel needs and below I will list some of the various uses for each type of easels.

Table Easels
This type of Easel is perfect for working on small works indoors on tables or worktops. Ideal for the home studio or if you are an illustrator and move around from workplace to workplace, some these designs come in a box format that allows you store a large amount of equipment inside and maybe a picture or two.

Studio Easels
These Easels are designed for static use when creating large artworks indoors, they can be folded flat and take up very minimal amounts of room, perfect for use in classrooms or small studios.

Field Sketching Easels
If you like to create your artworks outside then these are the Easels for you, lightweight, compact and collapseable these products can be transported very easily to allow maximum movement when outside.

Artist Boxes
These are exactly what they say they are, various types of boxes to accomodate all of your needs. Some boxes are designed for painitng and come with areas to hold paint, brushes and board while others are designed to keep your pastels safe.